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Warcry Challenges fast FPS due to get support

warcry challenges time trial fast fps game due to get support for linux mac windows pc

Warcry Challenges time trial fast FPS game is due to get support for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Dream Powered Games. Which is still getting ready for a Steam release.

Warcry Challenges is the new Time Trial Fast FPS. Which is due to be a mix of Doom, Super Meat Boy, and Trackmania. Put them all in a blender and you will get Warcry: Challenges. The new skill based FPS featuring challenging short levels and brutal gunfights.

Naturally, the Unreal Engine 4 game caught my attention. Reaching out to Dream Powered Games it looks like Linux support is planned:

We will port the game to Linux for sure! Our main effort in on Windows at the moment, but Linux and Mac will come just after.

There is not much to be said for Warcry Challenges. The art style looks impressive, with partial controller support, and a Linux port is due. But there is still no release date for the game yet.
But in the mean time, you can try your odds of getting into the Beta. That is if you’re willing to play via Proton?

Warcry Challenges | Time To Kill Gameplay reveal

Warcry Challenges makes use of powers such as slow motion and stomp There is also a grappling hook or “force” style melee. Players can also do 360° and backflips. Above all, compete for the first place and improve your skill facing over 180 frantic challenges.


  • Bunny hop your way to the finish line in intense levels filled with demons, crazy jumps and traps
  • More than 180 levels to challenge your skill
  • Use slow motion and chain kill multiple enemies while in air
  • Shred demons into pieces in Warcry Challenges. All while using the devastating “Shockwave” and “Stomp” (air to ground dash)
  • Use your grappling hook to reach new heights and “shotgun kiss” your enemies!
  • Learn to do 360°, backflips, and front flips during intense runs.
  • Easy to learn (every FPS player can finish Warcry – while probably sweating a bit! – ), hard to master (high skill cap game)
  • Async multiplayer game: Compete with players from around the world to get the best speedruns!
  • Nemesis system: Load your friend’s or anyone’s ghosts and compete against them (Streamers can challenge their community!)

Warcry Challenges time trial fast FPS is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Still without an actual release date. But you can use the link above to get into the Beta. In the meantime, make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. You can also follow on Twitter and join Discord.

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