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Wards & Wardens DLC launches more depth

wards & wardens dlc launches more depth for the crusader kings iii game on linux mac windows pc

Wards & Wardens DLC launches more depth for the Crusader Kings III game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Paradox Development Studio. Available now on Steam.

Let’s dive into what’s new in Wards & Wardens for Crusader Kings III on Linux. Taking place centuries ago, where family is everything. Kings, queens, and lords are always looking ahead – their kids are vital, since they’re the ones who will keep the family’s name shining bright. This expansion launches you into the experiences of these young heirs. And also how their upbringing shapes the future.

In simpler terms, think of Wards & Wardens as a big update that focuses on the lives of young characters. And also the adults who guide them.

Let’s break down Wards & Wardens even further. Since you’re the ruler, and every decision you make affects the world around you. This new content introduces features that bring more depth to this medieval world.

First, there’s this new “Hostages” system. Letting you can take important people from other kingdoms as hostages, due to make sure their rulers stay in line. So, if you’re a good ruler, you can use these hostages to negotiate peace deals and improve your reputation.

Next in Wards & Wardens, we have a couple of new traits and interactions. The “Perpetual Hook” is like a favor someone owes you that you can keep cashing in on every few years. Then there’s the “Adoption” interaction. If you’re a kind-hearted ruler (or if your culture allows it), you can also adopt kids and make them part of your royal family. And there’s this new “Eccentric” trait, which makes your character unique and random. But might make others see you as a bit strange.

Crusader Kings III: Wards & Wardens – Release Trailer

Now, besides Wards & Wardens, the AI upgrade is now due to behave differently. They might spend more or less on their armies or act differently in wars based on their personality. Plus, some historical figures like Genghis Khan have been adjusted to better match their real-life legacies.

Visually, the game has gotten an upgrade too. Adding some animations, like playing peekaboo or a child crying. There are also new event backgrounds that paint a vivid picture of places like universities or gardens in different cultures.

Lastly, along with Wards & Wardens, for those who like to modify the game, there are loads of new tools. Due to allow players to be more creative and make the title even more personalized.

So, in a nutshell, this update brings more life, drama, and possibilities to your kingdom. Whether you are a strategist or simply enjoying the stories that unfold in Wards & Wardens on Linux. The free update has something for everyone.

What are people saying about the DLC?

While many have mixed feelings about Paradox’s Wards & Wardens DLC for Crusader Kings III. Some believe that the new DLC’s are fairly priced. While others feel they only add repetitive events that don’t improve the game’s core mechanics. While others believe that these smaller DLC’s should be part of bigger content updates or offered for free. Hoping that Paradox will prioritise expanding the depth rather than just adding more events. The sentiment is that while DLC’s can be fun, the company should aim to enhance the overall gaming experience.

So, in short, Wards & Wardens offers a deeper look into the lives of the young royals and the decisions that shape their destinies. Launching now on Steam. Priced at $4.99 USD / £4.29 / 4,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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