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Wargame Airland Battle comes to Mac and Linux

Wargame Airland Battle comes to Mac and Linux

After offering early access to Mac and Linux fans of Wargame strategy games from developer Eugen Systems and publisher Focus Home Interactive, the official release of Wargame Airland Battle has finally arrived. Now players that took part in the early access will automatically get the full version, while those that were waiting for its full release can purchase it now.

Wargame Airland Battle utilizes cross-platform multiplayer, so that those on PC, Mac, and Linux do not feel separated from the the community as a whole. So, with the full release of the Mac and Linux versions of the game, there is an even bigger pool of players to join in the fray.

Those wanting to see all the new additions from the previous Wargame European Escalation in Wargame Airland Battle can check it all out today for any and all of PC, Mac, and Linux. Plus, anyone that already have the PC version can get the Mac and Linux version for free, and alternatively those just getting it for either Mac and Linux can download the PC version for free.

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