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Warlords Awakening MMORPG native support status

warlords awakening mmorpg linux support status

Warlords Awakening is an upcoming MMORPG on Steam for Windows this summer, but there could be Linux support in sight. We reached out to Playwith Interactive with some surprising details.

Linux Support:

“Our early access is scheduled for later this month. The engine we are using is “Gamebryo Engine” and I still don’t know if it will be a port for Linux.
I think that if we see good impact it would be a strong support that accompanies my question about the development of port for Linux.”

So the Gamebryo Engine has Linux support. The only thing outstanding here, or at least the impressive I get is that this reply outlines demand. In other words, upvotes and sharing that Tux Love and Wishlist on Steam. So a Discussion post is live along with this post. Due to PlayWith also wanting to see an article to the Linux community.

Warlords Awakening MMORPG Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux too)

Also, for those who do not know, Warlords Awakening is a new and exciting MMORPG launching on Steam. Players enter Epheia and seek to repair the world left on the brink of turmoil.  During this project, Playwith aims to grow their user base in the United States. While interacting with users and influencers in the gaming community to shape development.

So this way the community take part in reaching this goal. Of course this means using the various programs offered in this game.

Playwith’s interests lie in the gaming experience of users, not the bottom line. Their interest is in creating a community of dedicated gamers and evolving along with them.  This will be the first step of many along the path for Playwith.

“We believe that a publisher’s work does not end with gaming support and customer service. There is much more to it. It is about creating a fun, fair and interactive environment for the ultimate gameplay experience. Every second invested in the game must be considered time well-spent.” Said Mr. Ricky So (director of business development)

As a result, different programs are in development. Where both MMORPG fans and Youtubers/Streamers can contribute toward the success of the game.

“This will not be an easy task since we are a young team. However, we feel confident that we can offer our community the RPG they ’ve always been looking for” said Mr. So.

Warlords Awakening MMORPG will be available on Steam in July 2018 for Windows. So here’s hoping we see a Linux port as well. of this year.