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Warly a new character for Dont Starve Together

warly a new character for dont starve together on linux mac windows pc

Warly is a new character Free for Dont Starve Together on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Klei Entertainment. Which is a welcoming addition to the character line-up. Available now on Steam.

A ship has dashed upon the shores of the island. So our survivors have recovered a new member. Now available for the team is Warly. Armed with a variety of rare ingredients. Also some fancy cookware. Warly can’t wait to spice up the lives of his newfound taste testers. Or are they friends?
Either way he also brings full course dinner of brand new meals. Along with this content are some very lively spices.

Dont Starve Together: Warly Animated Short (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Here are his details:

  • He can craft a Chef Pouch. Which is a small backpack that also helps to preserve food items a bit longer.
  • Warly can craft a Portable Crock Pot. Also a Portable Grinding Mill and Portable Seasoning Station. Which is usable only by him.
  • His Portable Crock Pot cooks 25% faster. This also includes new exclusive dishes. All with unique bonuses and effects.
  • While the Portable Grinding Mill can be used to craft. This unit produces a variety of seasoning powders.
  • The Portable Seasoning Station combines a prepared dish with seasoning powder. Since it releases bonus effects to the food.
  • Increased max hunger of 250. But it also decreases 20% faster than other characters.
  • Only eat prepared dishes from a Crock Pot.
  • Warly remembers the dishes he ate for up to two days. He will also enjoy them less every time they are repeated.
  • Added new vegetables, available to all characters. So thing like Toma Root, Potato, Asparagus and Pepper. And of course Onion and Garlic.
  • Added several new Crock Pot recipes. These are also available to all characters.

Warly is available for free for all Dont Starve Together players. While the Warly Deluxe Wardrobe is $7.99 USD. This also includes Warly’s Roseate, Victorian and Trawler skin sets.

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