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Warped Space action adventure to get a port

warped space action adventure game is due to get a linux port with windows pc

Warped Space action adventure game is to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. All due to the work and effort of developer Warped Space Games. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Warped Space is an sci-fi survival adventure game taking place in deep space. A massive, open setting full of wonder and peril awaits. Of course, that also includes taking up the journey on Linux.

I do expect that I will port the game to Linux just after release…

According to the Warped Space developer email, unless some strange technical issues pops up, a Linux port will happen. Which will take place after the initial release. Which is being developed in Unity 3D.

Dive into a vast space adventure of Warped Space. you awake in space, and the only way to go is everywhere. Doing so on foot and in your spacecraft explore “open world” space in a mix of setting. These from desserts to treacherous ice island planets. Also alien outposts asteroid belts. While you manage your food, oxygen, and water supply. Doing so as you explore space and land. Discovering outposts, wrecks and bases through the Warped Space system.

Warped Space – WarpedSpace Teaser

Features being Developed

  • Exploration Explore an open world setting on foot, EVA or in your ship.
  • Environments Settings range from asteroid belts, wrecks, gas clouds, and alien outposts. There are also mini planetoids with different biomes to explore in Warped Space
  • FPS Combat Not every place is safe, find and upgrade a weapon or two. Doing so as you explore the different settings and points of interest
  • Space Combat Encounter “them” in space, be prepared to fight, run and hide. Since you may not always be as geared up as you think.
  • Base Building With the Recent Addition of Base Building you now have the chance to set up camp and live among the star as you see fit. Not all areas of Warped Space are as easy to survive.
  • Story What happened to the planets? Who is with you in this system? Enjoy the open world or settle down it’s up to you how much of the mystery you discover.
  • Repair Maintain your ship, you’ll have to find a safe place to Eva and restore your ship to battle ready status
  • Salvage Salvage material as you explore to build your base or repair your ship
  • Survival It is still to early to tell what level of survival we will implement at this time. Suggestions are welcome.

Warped Space action adventure is due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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