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WarriOrb early demo releases DRM-free

warriOrb early demo releases drm free linux windows games

WarriOrb releases an early demo for Linux and Windows. The games now available to test on and gamejolt. While the final games coming later this year.

WarriOrb is an action adventure platformer. Where players take on the role of a mighty demon. One who is also confined inside a ball body.

While the path to freedom is challenging. Do not fear failure. Since every wrong attempt is cast aside for a step forward.

WarriOrb tells a tragic story of loss and agony. Hidden behind the comic tale. The demon is trapped inside a ball. So who wouldn’t be bothered? But now it’s up to you.

WarriOrb Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Ball based platforming: roll and bounce your way towards freedom.
  • Metroidvenia inspired exploration in 2.5D: Also discover a beautiful hand-crafted 3D universe. Walking on curvy paths.
  • Agile combat: combine different weapons and spells in WarriOrb. While your movement abilities triumph. As you face challenges and encounters. Also coming up against boss fights.
  • Helpful and helpless citizens: So chat with other more or less intelligent creatures. Some of them will also need your help. While others will help you out.
  • Puzzles: take a break between the struggles. Since you face deadly traps in WarriOrb. Furious foes to solve some casual but logical challenges.
  • Cloth makes the ball: Dress according to the occasion. What you wear has a huge “gameplay impact”. But there is no ultimate equipment. Different tasks require different outfits. So if you are brave (or foolish) enough. You can just ignore that. Wear whatever you prefer. Like any true hero would.

To learn more about WarriOrb. Check out the early demo. Have a chat on Discord. Also visit, follow @NotYetDevs on twitter. And Wishlist the game on Steam. While developer Not Yet are TBD. Both for the price and release date. So hopefully the release is coming sometime soon.

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