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WarriOrb: Prologue has a Free standalone demo

warriOrb prologue has a free standalone demo for linux windows pc

WarriOrb Prologue now has a Free standalone demo for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Not Yet. Which is available now and all of the reviews are Positive.

If you don’t know WarriOrb. The game is an action adventure platformer. You also play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body. And likewise, you will have to venture through a ravaged world. While you work to regain your freedom and sanity.
But as expected, you will meet demons, giants, and mutants. Plus a range of magical and crazy creatures.

WarriOrb – Short Gameplay Trailer

Technically you play a Spirit of the Unknown in WarriOrb. You are forced into a pathetic body. Not to mention blamed for the failure of the summoning spell. Which is supposed to bring the Wizard’s daughter back to life.
Therefore, you have no other choice but to cooperate. If you find a way to resurrect the girl. Then the Wizard will certainly set you free. But your WarriOrb journey will also have you explore a decaying realm. One that has twisted creatures, where no human has ever ventured.


  • Bounce and roll your way towards freedom
  • Deadly traps to challenge your skills and reflexes
  • Puzzles to give you some time to think between WarriOrb traps
  • Friendly fellows to have a chat with on how the World will end
  • Not so friendly fellows to have some more serious conversation with on how the World will end
  • A tragic story of loss and desperation hidden behind the comic tale of a demon trapped inside a ball

WarriOrb Prologue is a delicious Free standalone demo. Available for Linux and Windows PC. But also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. And due try not to get too addicted to the game. And yes, you will likely die…. a lot.

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