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Wasteland 2 concept art revealed

inXile has released the first Wasteland 2 concept art.

Fans have helped fund the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project by pledging 2.25 million dollars, surpassing the original goal of $900K. Wasteland 2 has no passed the total required for a tentative agreement to have Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment help with the game’s development.

An inXile spokesperson relayed the excitement to have Chris Avellon on the project to Develop, “The full nature of the collaboration is still a little un defined, but as long as Avellone is working with us, we are very happy!”

The concept art, by Andree Wallin, establishes “the look and feel” of The Desert Rangers, said inXile boss Brian Fargo.

There is still a week remaining on the Kickstarter to pledge towards the game’s development. Extra money will go towards a Mac and Linux version, and an increased staff to help flesh out the game.

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