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Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut release date announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


InXile Entertainment has some big news to share. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut will be #released #digitally for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on October 13, 2015!
So anyone who already owns Wasteland 2 through any digital retailer will be getting the Director’s Cut as a #free update. More information information will be be released closer to the launch, but it’s InXile’s intent to make sure this will be an easy process. Details will be available on the Wasteland 2 forums along with FAQ’s in the coming weeks up to the release.

For those of you who are still curious about the Director’s Cut contents, features, and changes, or may have missed our discussions on them previously, here are some links that go over some of those new elements in detail.

And those do not even fully cover all the new additions, such as new and expanded voice-over for many of the game’s key NPC’s and companions, as well as our extensive rebalancing of virtually every combat encounter, loot drop, and item you’ll find in the game.

InXile is now in the home stretch of development. The final tasks in the several weeks before final release includes polishing up the game as much as possible, including tweaks, optimizations, fixes and balance adjustments. In hopes you will enjoy the changes and updates as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

New screenshots ready for you for this announcement, showing off some of our graphical updates and changes to the environments and character models. The art team has worked tirelessly to make sure the Wasteland is more vibrant and detailed than ever, and InXile arere extremely pleased with the results.

In addition to interview content in the above, there are interviews with Brian Fargo from GameCrate and Press Start TV.