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Wasteland 2 new combat trailer and how to fight Damonta robots

Time to venture forth into the Wasteland with a new trailer focusing on combat.

Narrated by General Vargas, who #players of the first #game knew fondly as Snake Vargas, the video shows two scenarios with different outcomes against Damonta robots.

In the first one, the robots wipe the desert floor with the team; however, in the second scenario, the team takes a more tactical approach and things go a bit better.

The video also shows how you can reprogram Jaime the robot in Damonta to fight on the Ranger’s side, and how to use the environment in the Prison. Height and cover will be important in this area.

Also outlined in the video is character creation and how attributes and skills such as being a field medic, weapon smith or surgeon, can help attain party balance.

Wasteland 2 is coming to Linux, Mac and PC on September 19.

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