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Wasteland 2 now with an official release date – September 19

Wasteland 2 official release date is September 19 linux mac windows pc

More than 25 years after Electronic Arts and Interplay Productions released the first Wasteland for PC, developer +InXileEntertainment will officially release that game’s sequel. Pack your shotgun, sun cream, anti-radiation pills and don’t forget the toothbrush, because after a quarter of a century, the sequel to Wasteland 2 is nearly here. Game director Brian Fargo #announced on Twitter today that the game will hit Sept. 19.

Wasteland 2 was crowdfunded primarily through Kickstarter, where InXile’s campaign raised more than $2.9 million in pledges from backers in 2012. The developer released an Early Access version of the game on Steam last December for Windows PC, following that up with Mac and Linux versions.

InXile planned to release the game officially in August, but recently delayed the game to September in order to fulfil physical rewards for Kickstarter backers.