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Wasteland 2 to add new maps and enemies with Linux support


Wasteland 2‘s beta has been going pretty great and it’s looking like the next #beta update will make things even better, as Project Lead Chris Keenan explained in a super-sized #blog #post. The update is expected to go live this week, and along with the standard optimization and balance tweaks, it will also introduce new enemies like the suicide monks, who have unique AI, a new tutorial and two new maps – the Missile Silo and the Darwin Village – along with various other additions.

Keenan also used the opportunity to explain some of the stats InXile have been gathering on those playing the game – specifically that based on how long people have been taking on the currently available content, they estimate that the full game will take the average new player around 50 hours on a normal playthrough. Completionists with lots of time on their hands will be excited to hear that it will take ‘quite a bit longer’ if you scour every location and complete every mission – Completionists with little time on their hands will be less enthused.

The rest of the blog post gives some serious insight into the development of Wasteland 2, explaining the way the game’s systems communicate, as well as talking about the new Barter screen and giving us our first big look at Los Angeles and the second half of the game. It’s an awesome read if you’re interested in Wasteland 2 or game design and development, so check it out via the link above.

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