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Wasteland 2 To Get Obsidian Support If They Can Raise $2.1 Million In Kickstarter Funding [VIDEO]

inXile entertainment has confirmed that they have reached an agreement with Obsidian Entertainment (Alpha Protocol, Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Fallout: New Vegas) to collaborate on the game design and writing for their Wasteland 2 project if the funding level reaches $2,100,000. Obsidian’s Chief Creative Officer Chris Avellone will be working directly with the design team at inXile to help bring the world of Wasteland together. Wasteland is considered the “spiritual predecessor” to the Fallout franchise. At the posting of this article, the project is only about $300,000 away from its goal so it looks like they will get the Obsidian support. They have also added MAC and Linux versions.

Wasteland still has 16 days remaining until the Kickstarter funding ends. At this time the project has around 33,000 backers and has raised more than $1,650,000. In addition to the PC version, inXile has officially announced Mac OS X and Linux versions of Wasteland 2. InXile is also announcing a solution for everyone who wants to back the project, but who live in a country where backing it on Kickstarter is just not possible. The company is now accepting PayPal pledges directly though the Wasteland web portal.

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