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Wasteland 3 squad based RPG out now on Linux

wasteland 3 squad based rpg releases now on linux and mac beside windows pc

Wasteland 3 squad based RPG releases now on Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer inXile Entertainment who are living up to their Fig commitment. Which is available now on Humble Store, Steam and discounted on GOG.

inXile entertainment, finally released the highly anticipated post apocalyptic squad based RPG Wasteland 3. As previously stated, the Linux and Mac is here before the end of the year.

The Rangers are back, and it’s chilly out there in Wasteland 3. So strap on your snow boots and form your personal squad. Then head out in the unforgiving frozen wastes of Colorado.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we worked to bring the game to these OS’. And we’re happy to have it playable for you before the end of the year. We hope you enjoy exploring post apocalyptic Colorado during your holiday break.

For our Fig backers, to redeem your pledge’s digital rewards, be sure to read through Crowd Ox’s instructions listed here.

Please note that co-op functionality is limited for Mac and Linux versions until early next year, check our Knowledge Base article for more info.

Also note, the Wasteland 3 Direct Connect option is currently not available on Linux and Mac versions. This applies to both the Steam and GOG version of the game. Which is coming within an update in January. This seems to apply when connecting Linux player with Windows PC players. Despite the Steam page outlining cross platform multiplayer.
As a result, Linux and Mac players on Steam are able to play with other Linux and Mac players via Steam.

Wasteland 3 – Launch Trailer

Wasteland 3 the legendary series, which pioneered the post apocalypse genre now returns. So that Linux and Mac players will be able to take on the role of Desert Rangers. As well as lawmen in a post nuclear world while working to rebuild civilization. Trading the dry, dusty heat of the American southwest for a perpetually frozen Colorado. Gameplay features new locations, a customisable vehicle and streamlined combat. Not to mention the two player co-op as a first for the series. A deep, reactive story full of twists, turns, and brutal ethical decisions that will keep you hooked whether you’re a Wasteland veteran or new to the series.

Wasteland 3 squad based RPG releases for Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Priced at $59.99 ‎USD on Humble Store, Steam and discounted 33% on GOG. Due note the co-op details regarding the GOG release.

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