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Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle releases

wasteland 30th anniversary bundle releases for linux mac windows

inXile Entertainment has announced the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows. A celebration of the video game series which launched the post-apocalyptic genre in video gaming via Steam. Also taking inspiration from successors such as the Fallout series.

So this bundle includes items from across the history of the series. Along with two new items – a musical track by Mark Morgan. The represents the first publicly available new content from 2019’s Wasteland 3. Also a currently in pre-production 30th anniversary remaster of the original Wasteland by Krome Studios. Since they partnered with inXile on a similar remaster of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy.

Items in the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle include:

  • Wasteland 3 Music Track “Frozen Waste”
  • Wasteland 2
  • Novella: All Bad Things – Wasteland 2
  • The Earth Transformed Ghost Book One – Wasteland 2 Novella:
  • Death Machines Ghost Book Two – Wasteland 2 Novella
  • Concept Art Book – Wasteland 2
  • Choir Songs EP – Wasteland 2
  • Original Soundtrack – Wasteland 2

Since Wasteland – 30th Anniversary Edition remaster is due early 2019. We will have to wait. But we are hoping for Linux support for the remaster. In fact we are waiting on feedback from inXile Entertainment.

This bundle will contain all the items listed above and be sold for $44.99 USD. Also launching at 10% discount on Steam in celebration of the game’s anniversary until July 5th. Now that the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle releases. This remaster will also be added to the libraries of customers who purchased the bundle at no additional cost.

Linux, Mac and Windows:

The signature item of this bundle is Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition. Also the remastering of the first game that will feature updated graphics (which maintain the spirit of the original pixel art). Which will run natively on Linux, Mac and Windows systems and at all current resolutions. Offering other quality of life features. This work is being done by Krome Studios, the team currently behind a similar remastering of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy.

The Wasteland – 30th Anniversary Edition remaster is currently in pre-production, with an expected completion date of early 2019. Anyone who purchases the bundle prior to then will receive the game at no additional cost upon release.

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