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Wastelander find the secrets of an alien planet

wastelander turn-based colony building strategy game releases into early access on linux mac windows pc

Wastelander turn-based colony-building strategy game releases on Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Appstronaut Studios for their incredible effort. Available now on Steam with a discount.

Diving into a fascinating world for those looking for their next big adventure on Linux. The story takes place after landing on an unknown and barren alien planet where everything seems bleak. This is the backdrop of Wastelander. Taking on Early Access for the next three months.

At first glance, Wastelander is an unique mix of strategy and puzzle solving. As the name suggests, the setting is quite desolate. But it holds numerous secrets that are waiting to be discovered. While working through this landscape, players have to be smart and tactical. Due to building a thriving community from scratch. And it’s not just about placing buildings, it’s about survival.

The whole turn-based colony building strategy operates on a turn by turn basis. Due to be similar to classic strategy adventures where every move counts. The random factor is high; due to the changing landscapes. These are randomly created every time you embark on this journey. So, no two Wastelander games are the same. It’s this variety that keeps you coming back for more, eager to face new challenges and reach new high scores.

One aspect of Wastelander is the ‘Daily Challenge’, where you can see how you fare against others. It’s similar to the competitive edge in multiplayer titles but set gainst the clock and the elements.

Wastelander release Trailer

Exploration is crucial. Scanning the setting, there are resources and old supply caches that were key to expanding and improving my colony. But, it’s not all smooth sailing. Regular storms threaten destruction, and they make you think hard about the colony’s defenses.

But the real charm of Wastelander? It’s the ancient alien technology scattered around. I’m talking about impressive structures and artifacts, some of which have powers that can aid you immensely. Over time, they reveal the means to improve your technology and offer the hope of leaving this harsh world behind.


  • Starting Point: Land with nothing, and discover the immediate vicinity.
  • Economic Strategy: Efficiently use resources. The more you explore, the more advanced structures and technologies you’ll come across.
  • Ultimate Goal: Expand your community and connect with all the items of past civilizations to escape before the final cataclysmic storm.

Wastelander turn-based colony building strategy is for anyone who’s up for a challenge. Due to discover hidden lore in vast, dynamic setting. This game is due to remain in Early Access for the next 3 months. Every decision counts, and your survival hangs in the balance. Wastelander is priced at $8.99 USD / £7.65 / 8,77€ with the 10% discount on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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