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Waves of Steel naval combat sim launches

waves of steel naval combat sim game launches on both linux and windows pc

Waves of Steel naval combat sim game launches on both Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the labor thanks to developer TMA Games. Which is available on Steam with 89% Very Positive reviews.

Waves of Steel is the build your own battleship (BYOB) arcade naval combat sim from TMA Games. Which has successfully navigated the waters of Early Access. Today, it finally docks at v1.0, bearing a weighty cargo of new over the top naval combat gameplay. Doing so after nearly four long years. The developers originally started working on Waves of Steel back in 2019. Then hitting Early Access in July 2021. Which was due to be a relaxing project for down-time between jobs. Needless to say, things got a little out of control. But the important thing is, the game is complete.

Venture into v1.0’s single player campaign, now including the debut of the final 7 of the story’s 33 missions. Confront brand new threats, including ships that can transform into Gundam-inspired mechs. Also, the overwhelming power of “The Biggest Gun”. Equip ships with beyond cutting edge weaponry like railguns and plasma torpedoes. Test out special abilities that let a 50000 ton warship dance like a fighter jet.

Waves of Steel launch trailer

Upgrade your mighty vessel by collecting the remains of fallen foes. ANd also discovering hidden treasures. Customize the more than 50 different playable ships with over 450 different ship parts. Make any ship as historically (in)accurate as you want with custom flags, paint jobs, and decals.

Take advantage of the Waves of Steel extensive accessibility options. So you can customize controls, set any or all weapons to autofire, and change the HUD’s colors. Even tweak the game’s speed. Set up grand melees in Free Play mode against your choice of ships from across the entire campaign. Anyone and everyone can take to the captain’s chair. Then conquer the cartoonishly dangerous waters of Waves of Steel.

Streamer captains can put fate in the hands of viewers. All thanks to Crowd Control integration. The audience can call down raining meteors and orbital lasers, or scramble your controller. They can activate cheats like Big Head Mode. Even turn individual enemy ships into specially named minibosses.

Waves of Steel naval combat sim game launches on Steam. Along with a 25% discount, dropping the price to $14.99 USD / £11.61 / 12,59€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Plus the game is also Steam Deck Verified.

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