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Waves of the Atlantide strategy coming to Steam

waves of the atlantide strategy games coming to steam for linux windows pc

Waves of the Atlantide strategy games coming to Steam Early Access Windows, but Linux looms. We reached out to developer Metaphore Games. Since the debut on Early Access is coming next week. Hopefully giving strategy fans a tasty challenge.

Waves of the Atlantide is a real time strategy. Which also includes 4X elements. Taking inspiration from classics such as Civilization and Stellaris. And thanks to the Battle Royale mode. You can also play entire games from start to finish. Doing so on your lunch break with 25 minutes games.

Linux Support:

“Regarding a linux port for Waves of the Atlantide. It’s great someone is asking. As I’ve been giving it thoughts.

While this is definitely something I would love to do. Just for the sake of openness. I don’t know how crazy things will get after the release. And I cannot reasonably pledge when or if there will actually be one [Linux build].

So, if there is demand, game is successful enough. And it doesn’t involve me giving up on the last few hours of sleep. Its likely.”

Since there seems to be a decision based on community requests. That seems to be the motif for support. As expected, “if there is demand.” Which means Wishlisting Waves of the Atlantide on Steam.

Waves of the Atlantide First Gameplay Trailer (Windows, likely Linux)


  • Short games
    Love strategy/4X games but don’t have 20 hours ahead for a game? Got you covered with Waves of the Atlantide. Thanks to the battle royale mode. Games never last more than 25 minutes. The length is also up for discussion.
  • Offline/Online play
    Love board games but dont have 3 friends (and hours) at home? Give Waves of the Atlantide a shot!
  • Strategy over Tactic
    Deterministic macro management battles give most power to your strategic thinking. Rather than the speed at which you moves your fingers.
  • Strategy over Luck
    Little impact luck has on the game can be countered by means of strategy.

Economy and Tech:

  • Impactful economic choices
    Will you build in the outskirts closer to the ocean. Which is also safe against players. But on a more narrow lifespan. Or the other way around in Waves of the Atlantide. Will you create as many cities as possible? Increase your production? Will you save forests to defend you from the ocean?
  • Varied technological choices
    All techs are calibrated to have a significant effect on the game, and you cannot get them all. Each mix offers a different array of response to specific situations. As of the current state there are already over 1000 different combinations !
  • Non cheating AI
    Because you deserve better. AI does not get free units or resources under the hood, and has the same visibility rules as human players, no radar or such unfairly obtained information, it needs to travel and explore just like you do.

A tidal wave is putting an end to this continent. How will you make it through ?

Waves of the Atlantide will launch in Early Access. The games also going remain there for 2 months, roughly.
While the final version will contain more tech. As well as improved visuals and sound. Plus a more evolved gameplay mechanic.

So here’s the deal. Waves of the Atlantide will also cost $4.99 USD. Affordable for the Early Access stage. Which will increase later on. Available for Windows. But for Linux support, make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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