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Way of Rhea hard puzzles to hit Steam Deck

way of rhea a puzzle game with hard puzzles is coming to linux steam deck and windows pc

Way of Rhea a puzzle game with hard puzzles is coming to Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and commitment of developer Anthropic Studios. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Are you someone who loves a good brain challenge? If so, Way of Rhea might just be for you. Brought to life by Anthropic Studios, it offers a vibrant world filled with intricate puzzles, each designed to test your thinking capabilities. This experience is now going to be available natively on Linux and Steam Deck.

The developers reason behind offering a native build for Way of Rhea. The latest Steam Hardware Survey reveals that Linux users on Steam have now overtaken macOS users, a surge likely influenced by the launch of the Steam Deck. Although they account for just 1.96% of the total user base, Anthropic opted to port the game. The transition was efficient, a big portion of its audience prefers platforms like Rust and Zig. Common on Linux, and it provides a superior technical workspace compared to Windows. Moreover, the Steam Deck’s foundation makes it an ideal platform for Way of Rhea.

Imagine stepping into a vast universe where colors play a significant role. In Way of Rhea, you don’t just play; you think, strategize, and immerse yourself. Similar to titles like The Witness and The Talos Principle, it sets itself apart with its leniency. Plus you can also reverse any wrong move with just a button. No penalties, just endless chances to get things right.

Way of Rhea Trailer

You’ll journey through four distinct regions, each tied to a central hub. These aren’t your typical setting. Since every region adds its own spin to the core mechanic to Way of Rhea. Such as the ability to alter your character’s hue. Concerned about visibility? The developers have included accessibility options, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience without barriers.

Interactivity is a major highlight. As you traverse the landscape, expect encounters with its diverse people. Some might offer assistance, guiding you through tricky sections, while others… let’s just say they might not be as welcoming. These interactions enrich the world, adding depth and personality to your adventure.

But here’s where Way of Rhea really shines. Despite the complexity of the tests presented, it doesn’t overwhelm. Made an error? With the undo feature, you can easily correct missteps. This isn’t about testing reflexes; there’s no jumping or combat here. It’s purely about engaging the mind.

The mechanics evolve as you progress. Initially, you’ll only need to manage color changes. But soon, you’ll come across teleporters, circuits, and other unique tools that bring fresh layers of complexity.

The Demo:

The new Way of Rhea demo also has some quality of life upgrades. Namely the ability to pause and fast-forward time.

As you know, those who’ve gotten their hands on the Steam Deck. The game promises a seamless experience on the device. So, wherever you are, you can dive into this vibrant world and challenge your cognitive skills.

In a nutshell, if you’re after a game with hard puzzles that marries beautiful visuals with thought provoking tests, Way of Rhea is an excellent choice. Due to offering a native build with Windows PC. Wishlist on Steam today. Release Date: TBA

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