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We Need to Go Deeper and Linux support

we need to go deeper and linux support in windows games

Since #WeNeedtoGoDeeper is an underwater action adventure in Early Access #games. Yet this 2-4-player cooperative submarine roguelike does not have Linux support. Of course Mac and #Windows players can dive into the Verne-inspired undersea universe.

So we reached out to Deli Interactive to see what is up. Well apparently the lack of Linux in-house, check it out:

Hey Todd,

As far as a Linux Port goes, we would love to do it sooner if we can rope in some folks to help test the Linux build with (since none of us have access to a Linux machine). But in the meantime we’ve just been trying to focus on getting the game whipped into shape. For the existing operating systems before bringing in any new operating systems into the mix. We don’t have a hard date set.

So there you have it. The current We Need to Go Deeper builds are the focus for this Unity games Early Access developer. Linux gamers keen on the many voyages into a mysterious undersea trench will have to wait. We do not know how long.
Therefore, I’m going to get back to the developers and update this post further. Ideally, if we can get a native build happening, that will be a step closer to testing.

We Need to Go Deeper | Early Access Trailer:

We Need to Go Deeper Features:

  • 2-4-Player Co-op
    A design with human interaction in mind, We Need to Go Deeper was created to encourage friends to shout at each other. The current version features 2-4 player cooperative multiplayer– either through a Local Area Network or Online.
  • Procedural Generation
    The Early Access version currently features a fully fledged procedural generation system that creates a new trench layout every time you take a dive, diversifying things further with 6 unique biomes and a work-in-progress “AI Dungeon Master” who alters difficulty on the fly.
  • Pilot and Maintain Your Submarine
    Repair leaks, load torpedoes and route power to Shields, Lights, Weapons, and the Engine as you and your friends dash around the submarine on its voyage into the deep.

Expeditions and Customizations:

  • Deep Sea Expeditions
    Leave the safety of your submarine to explore procedurally generated undersea caves, where you may come across treasure and danger in equal measure.
  • Customize Your Adventurer
    Choose from a variety of era-specific outfits from the 19th century to spruce up your adventurer! Non-gender-specific mustaches included.
  • Unlock a Variety of Tools
    From repair wrenches to guns, to fish-mincing meat cleavers. A variety of tools and weapons for helping your teammates is waiting to be discovered.

So We Need to Go Deeper is available now on Steam Early Access for Mac and Windows. With enough Linux community support, we will also be able to play the games native build.

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