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We Stay Behind, funding, and support plans

we stay behind a third-person mystery game seeks funding with plans for linux and mac with windows pc

We Stay Behind a third-person mystery game seeks funding with plans for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds at Backwoods Entertainment. Plus the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is doing very well.

Imagine, for a moment, news breaks that a huge comet is hurtling toward your town. What’s the first thing you’d do? In Laburnum Creek, a peculiar little town, people don’t want to leave. This is also the beginning of We Stay Behind.

Linux support:

We’re making builds for macOS and Linux all the time and we hope that we will be able to optimize the game to release it for these platforms with reasonable system requirements. We’ll see what we can do later in the development process and we are convinced that there is some room for improvement.
We did release Unforeseen Incidents on Mac and Linux and those two platforms are highly important to us.

Backwoods Entertainment is crafting We Stay Behind using Unreal Engine 5. They’ve confirmed plans for native support, but it seems we might have to be patient for a native build.

Laura Tanner, our main hero and also an investigative journalist, dives deep into this interactive mystery, We Stay Behind. And it’s not as simple as “the view is nice.”

Backwoods are working on this unique new project lined up but they’re turning to us, the fans. They’ve started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter looking to raise 25,000€. It’s a small price to make sure We Stay Behind since this may be the next big interactive story. At the time of writing, the campaign is already 74% funded.

Unforeseen Incidents Kickstarter

Where We Stay Behind gets interesting. Backwoods, being the legends they are, have released a game demo on Steam. This isn’t your regular “walk in a straight line and see some stuff” kind of demo. Since you get to wander around Laburnum Creek in this third-person mystery. Take in the views of the national park. Which also runs smoothly with Proton.

Why Laburnum Creek? Laura Tanner, a writer known for digging deep, heads to the town for some one on ones with the residents. But here’s the twist – Laburnum Creek isn’t your regular small town. There is something rotten, with oddball locals, and I’m pretty sure reality’s gone for a toss. As a result, every corner of We Stay Behind holds a secret, and every character has a tale. It’s eerie and downright intriguing.

So, why should you check out We Stay Behind? Here are the details:

  • It’s an epic ride between dreamland and the real world.
  • Dive into a story that ventures into hidden traumas and secrets that have been swept away.
  • You get to be the boss in We Stay Behind. Your choices will shape Laura’s journey, and even how she sees the world.
  • No pesky puzzles. So just immerse yourself in the stunning visuals and feel the vibes.
  • The characters? Voiced by some top talent. So expect to meet some unforgettable personalities.

We Stay Behind is not just a game, it’s a third-person mystery journey. Due to blur the line between the digital and the real, between fantasy and reality. If you’re into stories that make you think, look no further. So let’s help Backwoods make this epic! Check out the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and play the demo via Proton. Get lost in Laburnum Creek.

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