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We. the Revolution historical strategy launches

we. the revolution historical strategy launches in linux mac windows games

We. the Revolution choice based historical strategy launches in Linux, Mac, Windows games. All thanks to developer Polyslash. With a challenging yet rewarding style of gameplay. Releasing on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Paris, the times of the French Revolution. The Player controls a Judge of The Revolutionary Tribunal. Also an alcoholic and a gambler. Since the judge rules over court activities.
While judging people brought in front of him. The rebels and their enemies of We. The Revolution. And also criminals and ordinary citizens.
So while following along the course of the story. The main character expands his influence. Doing so over XVIIIth century Paris. But at the same time will be forced to fight. Working to save the lives of his family and his own.

We. The Revolution Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

We. the Revolution features a unique art style. Including hand painted drawing. It is a modern and eclectic style. Since the art blends the simple polygons with classic art styles.
Also, during pre-production. Polyslash travelled a long road before finding a style. Since this would have to meet the games views. The prototype being done in pixel art. Then testing this with classic paintings. Finally taking insight from Pablo Picasso’s brand of cubism.


  • Shape history and decide who will live. And also who will die.
  • Experience the cruel setting of the French Revolution. Those of classic novels of Alexandre Dumas and Joseph Conrad.
  • Preside dozen of unique and morally dubious court cases.
  • Confront your judgements with your family. Also your loved ones may often disagree with your choices.
  • Run your own courtroom – question witnesses in We. The Revolution. Check clues and evidence. Read reports and pass sentences.
  • Make friends and enemies. Since these are groups all trying to gain power. Use strategy to them your ally or make them disappear!
  • Engage in a mix of genres. Blending case building with intrigue crafting. And also turn based tactics.
  • Discover the unusual visual style. Since this blends the simple use of polygons. Along with neo classical art from the radical era.

We. The Revolution historical strategy for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this is a symbolic story. Loosely based on historical events. Which also launches on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Priced at $17.99 USD, including a 10% discount until March 28th.

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