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Weakless an awesome 3D puzzle adventure

weakless an awesome 3d puzzle adventure for linux and windows pc

Weakless is a new 3D puzzle adventure coming to Windows PC, we have details about Linux too. Thanks to the fine folks at Punk Notionteam. That games also coming to Steam this fall.

In Weakless you discover the amazing sets of skills your heroes possess. While you explore this adventure, with two Weavelings. Crafting new abilities through their inabilities. Since they face their own limitations. Protecting their village and their entire civilization. Restoring the steady flow of Resin. The games life energy for every living creature in this world.
So go on and save the land. And take part the growing bond of two unusual companions.

Linux Support:

I can’t promise anything yet about Linux version. But we would love to port our game. We recently started testing. So there’s big chance for Linux version.

So this is good news for Weakless. You should also know that Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine. Which explains why the trailer below has such a stunning vibe. Epic games are step a head in graphic performance. And even moreso for games that rely on detailed setting. Therefore I’m really hoping for that day one release.

Weakless Announcement Trailer (Windows PC, hopefully Linux)

Weakless is an artistic, 3D puzzle-adventure game. Which also has stunning organic environments. Full of curious life forms and a bioluminescent glow.
Here the player takes control of two unusual Weavelings. Since they are carefree, wooden creatures. So you must help them in their unplanned journey. The task won’t be easy, as one of them is deaf, and the other blind. Trying to find their way back home. And save their world from the advancing Rot.
So they will have to cooperate in Weakless. Face their limitations which can also be a strength. Proving to the world that what’s always been considered a weakness can be a mighty advantage.


  • Follow the story of an unlikely friendship that develops wordlessly. Between the stoic Blind One and the energetic Deaf One;
  • Peek into the Deaf One’s sketchbook. Gain a unique insight into what he thinks about this whole ordeal;
  • Enter the beautiful, organic, bioluminescent world of the Weavelings. Which is also full of curious life forms. Including mysteries of a bygone civilization waiting to be uncovered;
  • Get a glimpse of the artistic way of exploring. Both the visually impaired and hearing impaired people perceive the world;
  • Become a part of non-trivial narratives. Also enjoyable exploration tale with arcade puzzle elements;
  • Experience stunning music composed on instruments from all around the world. Such as the marimba, rav vast and udu.

Weakless is an awesome 3d puzzle adventure. Which currently under development. The game is heading to Windows PC and hopefully Linux is testing goes well. Launching first on Steam in the Fall this year. So make sure to add the game to your Wishlist.

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