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Web Africa home uncapped ADSL gets FreeZone

Web Africa’s home uncapped ADSL subscribers will now benefit from the company’s FreeZone service

Web Africa has announced that their ADSL home uncapped subscribers will get access to the ISP’s FreeZone service.

FreeZone offers subscribers unmetered bandwidth usage from a range of servers, including Web Africa’s gaming servers, Linux downloads, gaming downloads and Steam servers.

Web Africa explained that the data used on FreeZone will not affect the thresholds of uncapped accounts. “Any bandwidth transferred will be allocated to FreeZone data and not your normal data. You can download as much as you like on FreeZone,” said Web Africa.

“On the initial product planning on launch, FreeZone wasn’t on the cards – but we listened to the online communities and added it, making our uncapped product better,” the company concluded.

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