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Weekend-Long Charity Game Jam Nets a Quick $450K

Mojang’s Catacomb Snatch is described as an Egyptian-themed, steampunk RTS shoot-em-up. Image courtesy Mojang

Mojang, Wolfire Games and Oxeye Game Studio raised a staggering total of $458,215.95 over the weekend for charity during the Humble Bundle Mojam livestream event. The game developers kicked off the event on Friday morning, in which each team set out to create an original videogame in just 60 hours.

The money raised during the Humble Bundle Mojam event is going towards four charities: Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water and the American Red Cross.

So what did each developer actually come up with? Minecraft creator Mojang’s new game, titled Catacomb Snatch, is an Egyptian-themed, steampunk real-time strategy shoot-em-up. Wolfire Games is developing The Broadside Express and Oxeye Game Studio is developing Fists of Resistance. All three videogame projects are free of DRM and will run on PC, Mac and Linux. Supporters get first access to the games once development is complete

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