Westmark Manor survival horror support lurks on

westmark manor survival horror support lurks onto windows pc but coming to linux

Westmark Manor survival horror support lurks onto Windows PC, but coming to Linux. According to developer Nodbrim Interactive. The game just released on both Steam and GOG.

In Westmark Manor you will face the darkness. Toadman Interactive and Nodbrim Interactive are thrilled to confirm that the mind bending gothic horror game. Which is now available to download. You will also need all your wits and bravery to face the darkness. Including the terrors it holds, whilst trying to stay alive.

Discover what lurks in the darkest corners of the mansion. Westmark Manor is a chilling survival horror puzzle game. Which certainly takes inspiration from the formidable H.P. Lovecraft. Where players must journey into the occult and survive a nightmarish mansion. Solve mind bending puzzles and explore terrifying rooms. Which are also full of traps and demonic dark entities. While you work to unfold the mystery of the Westmark Estate.

Linux Support:

We are using Unity as our engine of choice. I can start with telling you right away that we are planning on releasing for Linux since i’m a fan of the OS myself, though Windows is a bigger market as you can understand.

So as of now the Westmark Manor porting process for Linux with more time. The developers also have to “prioritise certain things because we are a 2 man team working on this semi part time.” Which means a native port is planned but they have to “patch the game” first. Then issue a stable port that truly represents a more accurate final release.

Westmark Manor available now

Westmark Manor have you make your way through the volumes of corridors and rooms. While exploring inside the mansion, and the darkness of the grounds outside. Uncovering secrets and solving clues to reveal answers. Which will let you continue your journey. Some of the puzzles may require multiple answers or items to unlock the next stage. And various objects will aid you, either guiding you, or will assist you in survival. Don’t ignore anything, everything could be (and probably is) important. So manage your inventory wisely, and guard your map with your life.

Westmark Manor survival horror support lurks onto both Steam and GOG. Available for Windows PC, but also planned for Linux after further bug fixes. The games is also priced at $19.99 USD.

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