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Whateverland hand-painted adventure incoming

whateverland hand-painted adventure game incoming on linux windows pc

Whateverland is a hand-painted adventure game for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity of developer Caligari Games. Due to release this year with a debut on Steam.

Caligari Games has announced their upcoming title, Whateverland. Since you can expect a hand-painted point-n-click adventure. The games also comes with a branching dialogue system. Plus non-linear gameplay and various endings. Complete with a unique in-game turn-based strategy sports simulator. And the release is planned in mid-2020. So naturally, I had to ask about Linux support. Here’s the email reply.

We are using Unity Engine. And yes, we plan to make a Linux port. But it’s too early to tell when that will be, but
definitely by release.

Whateverland – Announcement Teaser

Whateverland will tell the story of a skilled thief named Vincent. Who decides to steal a precious necklace from a mansion of a lonely old woman, Beatrice. His plan would have gone perfectly well. But when she catches him red-handed. She turns out to be an ancient powerful witch.
As a punishment, Beatrice sends him to the parallel world she has created. As a result, the witch traps those she considers her enemies. The first inhabitants of this bizarre world called it Whateverland. And since then it kind of stuck. Vincent teams up with a weird guy named Nick. So together they are working to find a way out.


    • A not so classic point-n-click.
    • You can steal stuff. Or not – it’s your call.
    • Your actions define the ending in Whateverland. And what people think of you.
    • The most annoying sidekick in the universe. (We still love you, Nick)
    • You can talk to people. Not sure they’re gonna talk to you though.
    • Turn-based strategy sport simulator included in the game. With magic.
    • Loads of mini-games. At least 2.
    • Music recorded with a real sextet. How sexy is that?
    • Beautiful hand-drawn art style.

In addition to many mini-games, Whateverland also includes a unique board game called “Bell & Bones”. The developers themselves describe it as a child of rugby and quidditch, that desperately wants to become chess.

To learn more about Whateverland, please visit the game’s Steam page or website. Also, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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