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Whateverland point and click Kickstarter closing

whateverland point and click kickstarter closing for linux mac windows pc

Whateverland dark point and click adventure on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC that is closing soon. Thanks to developer Caligari Games. Which is already funded, since the crowdfunding campaign has passed the €16,700 ($18,870 USD) goal. Due to end in a few hours, plus there is a Free Prologue worth checking out.

Caligari launched a Kickstarter campaign for Whateverland. A point and click quest, which also tells the story of Vincent. Who is a skillful thief imprisoned in a mysterious world by the will of a powerful witch. While the crowdfunding campaign and additional funding will allow the developers to complete the project on time. Due to release in December 2020. The Kickstarter has already well past the funding goal.

Whateverland is an upcoming hand painted dark point and click adventure game. Which is also due to deliver a branching dialogue system. Plus non-linear gameplay, various endings, and a unique board game called “Bell and Bones”. That the developers themselves describe as a child of rugby and quidditch. That desperately wants to become chess.

Furthermore, Caligari Games released a demo version on Steam, Whateverland: Prologue. The short prologue will provide an opportunity to meet some of the main characters. Then try out a couple of in-game mechanics. Which also happens to have 96% Very Positive reviews.

Whateverland Kickstarter Trailer

The source of inspiration for the game comes from the aesthetics of early Tim Burton’s films. Such as “Corpse Bride”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Beetlejuice”, etc. Whateverland also takes influence by these masterpieces in terms of its tone and delivery. Since the game is a dark and whimsical comedy. With some surprisingly serious topics put into the mix. Along with all the different plot lines the game has to offer.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will last until July 15, 2020 10:57 AM EDT. While the main goal of the campaign is to preserve the studio’s independence. As well as to release “Whateverland” by the end of 2020 on Steam and GOG. Due to release on Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

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