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Wheel of Fate AI driven fantasy RPG and support

wheel of fate ai driven fantasy rpg and linux support beside windows pc

Wheel of Fate AI driven fantasy RPG for Windows PC, but the dev’s reflect on Linux support. Thanks to both UDX Interactive Inc and Game Pill Inc. Which is currently doing well on Steam Early Access with Positive reviews.

UDX Interactive have announced the upcoming features. All headed for AI-driven fantasy RPG Wheel of Fate over the next several months. Having released onto Steam Early Access last month. The singleplayer game is well received by players. Hence the Positive reviews on Steam. Although its time in Early Access will mean a slew of content added. This also means some existing features such as the robust AI, questing, and town defense. Will updating the crafting and receiving more additional development.

While you begin in the fantasy world of Providence. This is where players start their journey in Wheel of Fate. All in the sleepy town of Kismet’s Fall. Facing the return of an ancient evil known as the Fateless. Here players embark on the path to becoming the Avatar of Fate. And also setting the wheel of fate in motion. As you build your character to suit your own playstyle. The AI-controlled wheel will build and change the world around. While it learns and adapts from how you play.

Linux Support:

So here’s what you need to know. Wheel of Fate development is using Unity 3D. Likewise, “the devs would love to port to Mac and Linux. Being able to do so largely depends on the success of the PC version.”
Since this reply is coming through different channels. Here’s the take away. I’ve personally tested gameplay using Proton 5.0-8 and it works at a Platinum level. And while the reviews are holding Steam on Steam. It would seems we have to wade through the 6 – 12 months of development. Which means a $2 to $5 USD price increase at launch. But until Linux support is available, the game is definitely worth a look.

However, in the coming months, the game’s AI will also be gaining its own voice. Since the wheel will offer running commentary to player’s choices and gameplay. Which you may or may not agree with. With a desire to continue to offer players a dynamic gameplay experience. Whe wheel’s AI will also have an increased amount of dungeon rooms. Giving out more loot, quests, events, and more to draw from. And then populate into the player’s own version of Kismet’s Fall. Making each adventure a fresh experience.

Wheel of Fate Early Access Launch Trailer

Keeping player choice at the forefront of gameplay. UDX Interactive has also revealed that players can look forward to a revamped crafting system. New recipes, an improved UI, and other unique elements are planned for the game’s crafting system. In addition, Wheel of Fate players opting for more involvement in town management. You can look forward to broader options to choose from when deciding what they’d like to accomplish. A more in-depth town defense system is slated to be added. Where players will need to strategize how to best protect their town of Kismet’s Fall.

Featuring turn-based timeline style combat. Wheel of Fate utilizes an Active Response Battle system which is designed to keep players on their toes when engaging in battle against the Fateless. Future development plans for the game’s combat system will add more nuance and strategy for players to employ including utilizing knockbacks, stuns, dazes, and more.

UDX Interactive’s long term goals for the development of Wheel of Fate include plans to improve graphics, rework the town hall decoration scheme, offer the title on additional storefronts, localizations such as Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, as well as offer co-op multiplayer support for up to four players including a trading system between players.

Early Access features include:

  • Artificial Intelligence wheel adapting the world to player choices.
  • Strategic turn-based combat with initiative turn system.
  • Active Response Battle system allows for engaging turn-based combat that keeps players on their toes.
  • Procedural dungeons that adapt to the spins of the wheel.
  • Build and customize homes in the lore-rich region of Kismet’s Fall.
  • Manage and defend Kismet’s Fall, upgrade buildings and prepare for sieges.
  • Rich story that ties actions to the outcomes of Fate.
  • Craft items, weapons, and armor to aid you in battle.
  • Billions of gear combinations to outfit a character with.

Wheel of Fate AI driven fantasy RPG is available on Steam Early Access now. Priced $14.99 USD and due to increase $2 – $5 USD for full release. The games certainly very playable using the Windows PC build on Linux.

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