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When The Night Comes queer visual novel out now

when the night comes queer supernatural visual novel game releases on linux mac windows pc

When The Night Comes queer supernatural visual novel game released on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Lunaris Games. The game is now live on both Steam and (including Steam key) with 100% Positive Reviews.

When The Night Comes is a queer, story driven, supernatural visual novel where you play as a renowned Hunter. Also, a creature slayer who has been called to the quiet, strange little town of Lunaris. All due to assist the local Enforcers to examine a series of unsettling and unexplained supernatural murders. Dive into the world of witches, vampires, demons, and Lycans. So you can slowly unravel the dark mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

When The Night Comes: The ReVamp Cast Reveal

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of? When The Night Comes is a board story about finding a home and a family. Doing so in the most unlikely of places. Plus a lesson in learning to bare your teeth at your maker.


  • Choose your characters name and pronouns
  • Six individual romances with a diverse, queer cast, and two polyamorous pairings. Plus a no-romance mode where you will not be punished for choosing non-romantic options
  • 6 hours average When The Night Comes playtime per romance route. While offering over 2,000 voiced lines
  • 60+ collectible CGs plus codex entries and three post game mini-stories
  • Multiple endings, good and bad; become the hero or pay the ultimate price

With an incredible cast of voice actors including Gideon Emery (Dragon Age 2, Skyrim). Also, Jonah Scott (Beastars, Attack on Titan) and Jalen Cassel (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). Plus, Chris Patton (Fire Emblem: Three Houses), Cyrus Nemati (Hades, Pyre), Adam Faison, and Ione Butler.

Due note, there is an M17+ for details of violence and gore. This includes dark humor, bad language, (optional and consensual) sexually suggestive scenes, and use of substances (alcohol).

When The Night Comes the queer supernatural visual novel release is out on Steam and (including Steam key). Priced at $12.99 USD. Since the Steam listing does not include Linux. The itch offering certainly does and also includes a Steam key. But you can expect Mac and Windows PC build as well.

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