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Where is my family puzzler releases today

where is my family puzzler releases today in linux mac windows pc games

Where is my family point and click puzzler releases in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the long standing development of Wimfgame. The launch is available today at 9:00 PDT on Steam and

Where is my family gameplay is a mix of logical puzzles. Since you have to use a key to open a drawer. But there are also crazy puzzles. So you will have to be creative and craft objects. Such as combining dyes and soap. Creating a useful mixture to help you.

But not to worry, gameplay is 100% point and click. There are also many references to traditional points and clicks. Such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, etc. Since the games keep to the investigative style. Along with a solid sense of humour while you search for clues. Collect objects, talk to various in-game characters.

Passionate about this kind of game. Where is my family started just for fun. But finally started taking shape into a complete game. Which shows, since Wimfgame passionate about their creation. Sharing the classic point and click inspiration with fans.

As for the story. Players have to help little Ben. Who has hard day of school. Then his family gets kidnapped. The he gets locked in the living room. It’s now up to Ben to take on a great adventure. Trying to find his family. While working through a terrible plot in the small town of Trouville-en-Perdurois!

Where is my family a point and click puzzler Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Control an endearing character. With sometimes childish reactions. While you discover a great number of unique places. Since they can be sometimes unusual. Such as the “crazy hospital” and the big labyrinth of hedges. Also the old cemetery and many others. Learning what the Nonocom will do in Where is my family.

Wimfgame is 4 person team working on the project. Joël Keutgen works on the programming, modeling, animations, scenario. The other 2 people deal with the voices of the secondary characters. Such as the music and sound effects of the game. The 4th person is the son of my best friend. Who takes care of the voice for the main character. They are all showing off in the world. Helping a lot for the quality of the voices.

There voices and text is in full French. But there are subtitles available in French and English. The game also has a demo available for Linux, Mac and Windows. So you can check out the game before making a purchase.

Where is my family point and click puzzler releases today on Steam and Also priced at $8.99 USD / €7,39 EUR. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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