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Whisker Squadron cruising through Kickstarter

whisker squadron aerial combat is cruising through kickstarter funding in linux gaming mac windows pc

Whisker Squadron aerial combat is cruising through Kickstarter funding in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Flippfly. The crowdfunding campaign has already passed its funding goal with just days left to go.

Whisker Squadron is a fresh take on forward scrolling aerial combat. The game features feline heroes, dynamic missions, and procedurally generated bosses and worlds. Which has already passed the $30,000 USD funding goal. The first stretch goal has been reached adding shared split screen co-op. Now on its way to customizable ships at $50,000 USD.

Whisker Squadron will have you choose your pilot and fight. While your work your way through procedurally generated worlds. Including epic, procedurally generated boss fights. You’ve got one life and your tactical upgrade choices will be crucial. Hopefully reaching success in this aerial roguelike.

Whisker Squadron Kicstarter Trailer

The creation of Whisker Squadron thanks to the the team who made Race The Sun. The team is building on the game’s technology to combine silky smooth. This includes immersive flight with roguelike elements. All while creating an experience that’s unlike anything on the market today. If you liked Starfox, you’ll love the character banter and playful story. If you also liked Race The Sun, you’ll feel right at home. Offering the forward moving action and smooth controls. If you liked tactical roguelikes such as FTL or Slay The Spire. You’re certainly going to love the special events between worlds and tactical upgrade choices.

Likewise, if you haven’t played it yet, there is a Whisker Squadron demo on Steam to support the Kickstarter. The Demo includes a Windows PC build, but works well using Proton 6.3-2. Especially since the game engine is Unity 3D. The only thing to be aware of, the up and down controls are inverted. So keep that in mind. Otherwise, it’s a tasty slice of gameplay. And also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

Each playthrough of Whisker Squadron will feature a unique mission. This mission also plays out in a series of procedurally generated worlds that will feel familiar, yet unique. Players will be able to choose their own path through a galaxy map. Then earn a variety of upgrades, and compete in daily challenges.

Whisker Squadron forward scrolling aerial combat is due to release 2022 via Steam. Including support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to check out the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which is due to end soon.

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