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Whisker Squadron: Survivor gets first update

whisker squadron: survivor roguelite shooter game gets its first content update for linux mac windows pc

Whisker Squadron: Survivor roguelite shooter game gets its first content update for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Flippfly’s continuous hard work and dedication have led to this amazing result. Available now via Steam Early Access, boasting 82% Very Positive reviews.

Since its debut, the team behind Whisker Squadron: Survivor has been hard at work refining the game. Due to ensuring it offers the best roguelite shooter for Linux and Steam Deck fans. So let’s break down what they’ve accomplished so far and what lies ahead:

Fresh Additions to Whisker Squadron: Survivor:

  • New Worlds and Pulse Wave: The Whisker Squadron: Survivor setting has expanded with the addition of a brand new world. A feature called Pulse Wave.
  • Accessibility Features: A nod to inclusive design, users can now adjust certain settings directly from the Options menu. Due to make the game more accommodating to their needs.

Polished Aspects:

  • Sound and Music: The Gatling Gun, one of the weapons you might use, now has a deeper sound effect. Also, to ensure that the auditory experience remains fresh in Whisker Squadron: Survivor So there are now more music tracks, shuffled for a mix of sounds.
  • Combat Tuning: The Pulse Laser, another weapon in your arsenal, has had its damage output enhanced. So that you can dispatch enemies faster.
  • Visual Enhancement: Nexus Station, one of the places you’ll visit, has seen some color adjustments. While making it easier for players to discern details.
  • Reward Mechanism: Mods, which are in-game tools to enhance your capabilities, now grant higher VP bonuses when used. Making them more valuable.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor Early Access Content Update #1

A Glimpse into the Future:

In the fourth quarter of this year, anticipate a fresh content update. The team is pouring their efforts into expanding the items and playstyles. This means more ways for you to engage and enjoy Whisker Squadron: Survivor. And if you like what’s going on so far, there’s more to pique your interest just around the corner.

To give you a bit more context, Whisker Squadron: Survivor is a cosmic roguelite on-rails shooter. This also means means you progress in a linear path but face randomized challenges and enemies. You can think of it like embarking on a thrilling 30-minute space adventure, fighting against The Swarm across 10 escalating zones. As you journey, you’re due to come across numerous unlockable pilots, weapons, and perks. Each session is meant to offer something a bit different, ensuring every run feels fresh.

What makes Whisker Squadron: Survivor even more intriguing, the content update is merely the beginning of a universe the creators are building. A subsequent title, currently under the working name “Whisker Squadron”, is set to launch in 2024. It’s due to bring back familiar faces, delve deeper into the backstory, and introduce vast open space settings for exploration. The future of this series looks promising, and it’s available on Steam Early Access for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $11.99 USD / £10.23 / 11,83€ with the 20% discount.

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