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Whisker Squadron: Survivor – a big release

whisker squadron: survivor new roguelite shooter game releases on linux mac and windows pc

Whisker Squadron: Survivor new roguelite shooter game releases on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Flippfly’s passion and hard work shine brightly in their creations. Available now on Steam Early Access with 94% Very Positive reviews already.

Welcome to the vast expanse of the cosmos, a place full of overwhelming and menacing robotic menace known as The Swarm. Imagine a universe where our feline friends don’t just purr and nap, but soar through space, pilot advanced crafts, and engage in fierce battles. That’s the universe of Whisker Squadron: Survivor, an interstellar game that promises both intensity and thrill via Linux as well as Steam Deck.

Brought to life by the developer behind RACE THE SUN. Whisker Squadron: Survivor offers players the chance to navigate a unique and challenging space odyssey. It draws inspiration from popular titles such as Starfox and Vampire Survivors. While marrying their best elements. The result? An on-rails roguelite shooter that doesn’t just follow a straight path. Since it offers a wide variety of goals due to randomized ship upgrades and passive items.

Let’s break it down.

  • Setting and Storyline:
    A robotic bug infestation, The Swarm, has enveloped our galaxy. It’s not just about their numbers; they multiply and dominate while leaving a trail of destruction. It’s up to brave Whisker Squadron: Survivor pilots to lead a defense and protect the universe. The story doesn’t just set the stage but motivates players to take the threat head-on.
  • Gameplay Dynamics:
    Players take on on 30-minute runs through 10 different zones. Each brings its unique tests. As you progress in Whisker Squadron: Survivor, you’ll notice that The Swarm’s presence intensifies. Testing both your reflexes and strategy. With each run, not only does the path differ, but so do the tools at your disposal, thanks to randomized upgrades. You gather scraps and Victory Points, and these become your currency to craft a better fighter ship. One more suited for the tests that lie ahead.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor Launch Trailer

  • Modding and Achievements:
    Achievements aren’t just badges of honor; they also pave the way to unlocking mods. These mod’s can greatly alter the way you navigate through your runs. Since they add layers of strategy to every decision. Every achievement brings with it a chance to experiment and redefine your approach in Whisker Squadron: Survivor.
  • Secret Paths:
    In the vastness of space, secrets abound. Whisker Squadron: Survivor players can stumble upon portals, gateways to random routes filled with rewards and risks. These aren’t just simple detours; they can reshape the nature of your journey.
  • Future Prospects:
    Whisker Squadron: Survivor isn’t a standalone experience. It’s the precursor to a similar title due to release in early 2024. Since this suggests a continuous, expansive universe for players to delve into.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor is not just another roguelite shooter in space. It’s a deep game that combines fast-paced action, strategy, and a compelling story. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just a curious explorer, there is something for everyone. Strap in, sharpen your reflexes, and prepare for a neon-lit, roguelike space journey like no other.
Releasing now on Steam Early Access. Priced at $11.99 USD / £10.23 / 11,83€ with the 20% discount. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC.

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