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Whispering Willows coming to Linux, Mac, PC a bit later

The 2D #atmospheric Whispering Willows stars a young girl named Elena, who has the power to project her spirit outside of her body. Players will use Elena’s abilities to work through obstacles and #puzzles.

“In her spectral form, Elena can interact with the benevolent spirits and wicked wraiths that used to dwell within the walls of the sinister Willows Mansion — lost souls, stuck in time and space, who hold the secrets that Elena will need to traverse the terrifying old manor,” the game’s description reads. “Players need to make use of Elena’s corporeal and ethereal forms to overcome obstacles, solve the riddles of the mansion’s enigmatic specters and find Elena’s lost father.”

demo of the game is available through Night Light Interactive’s website.

Whispering Willows was featured as part of Ouya’s GDC 2014 lineup earlier this year. Now the indie developers have released further information about the upcoming release date:

We recently reached out to you to let you know about our sparkly new game, Whispering Willows. In our previous correspondence, we let you know that the game would be available to purchase on Steam on June 17th. That being said, we’d like to rectify our original statement.

To ensure that we give both our community and new game players the best Whispering Willows experience, we’ve decided to push back the Steam release date till July 9th. This allows us to clean up bugs and both the enhancement and development of several features.

Having said that, we at Linux Game News believe this effort sets some game developers apart. Taking more time to ensure a quality final release, rather than throwing out a buggy Early Access release, we take notice. And gameplay shows.

The game can be preordered for only $10 via Night Light Interactive store — and it’s 100% DRM-free.  Also, those who place their orders before the game’s release will automatically get some really cool loot, like access to the Beta versions of Whispering Willows, and that warm feeling you get from supporting hard-working, independent developers!  Plus, you can order the  Special Edition for $25 which includes an exclusive wallpaper, digital artbook, and soundtrack to the game.


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