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White Noise 2 horror game gets new level Alvira Shelter

White Noise 2 horror game gets new level Alvira Shelter linux mac pc

So White Noise 2 is an asymmetrical 4v1 horror game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While players cooperate as a #teamofinvestigators, or play as the #creature #hunting them.
While playing as an investigator, players explore the area and cooperate to find eight hidden tapes. They’ll have to keep their sanity and maintain flashlight batteries. Hence avoiding getting lost and becoming easy prey for the creature.
As the creature, become the hunter and stalk your prey and hunt them without being seen. Since easily stunned by the bright flashlights Hence the creature will pick off investigators one by one. Typically summoning Idols and casting unholy spells to prevent them from finding the eight tapes before devouring them.

So being that we have already gotten a chance to jump into some gameplay. The new level brings with it some significant changes. Hence making it easier for players to find or create a lobby. And White Noise 2 is still only $7.99 on Steam and very playable on Linux.

Six Feet Under Update:

This weeks’ update main feature is the addition of the Alvira Shelter, a new environment filled with misteries yet to be revealed… before you get trapped inside!

In this location, survivors will roam the abandoned facilities while the creature stalks them from the many nooks hidden in this rotten bunker.

We’ve also reviewed the gameplay stats from the past weeks and done some balancing tweaks to a few characters.

White Noise 2 new features:

  • New Level: Alvira Shelter
  • Added a new Cutscene when the investigators win the game.
  • Removed Christmas skins.
  • Changed “Create Private Game” option in the Main Menu to “Create Custom Game”, adding the option to create a Coop-only (vs AI) game.
  • You can now drop items by holding the item key. You can share medkits this way.

Update Improvements:

  • Improved wording of the game tip telling the investigator what to do when the monster is in front of him.
  • Reordered Investigator/Flashlight stats in the selection screens to a more intuitive order.

Gameplay changes:

  • Toy Torch: Reduced Stealth and Battery life
  • Pumpkin lantern: Increased light brightness (not range).
  • Subject 23: Summoner trait value increased, now it also reduces shared cooldowns
  • Anne Marie: Scientist perk now applies to tapes picked nearby.
  • Anne Marie: Increased bravery
  • Hannah: Reduced Exploration
  • Hannah: Increased Deafness effect
  • Jean Luc: Switched Martyr perk for Helpful (increase nearby investigators’ Endurance)
  • Now item types are not entirely random when spawned, there’s a minimum number of each.

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