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White Noise 2 now features a new Classic mode

white noise 2 now features a new classic mode for linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since the title might be a bit deceiving, White Noise 2 does have a new mode. A new Classic Mode, featuring the simple yet thrilling gameplay of predecessor White Noise Online. Since both games support Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Hence the “new mode” adds some deliciously edgy features.

So with this update, codenamed Merciless Fate. The games features and this new mode add some spice. Since it increases the further need for cooperation. As well as the feeling of helplessness for investigators. No compass or other skills will be available. So communication is key to avoiding separation and facing a sure death at the hands of the creature.

The creature will also have a harder time tracking and hunting the investigators, as its powers have been stripped away too! It will have to rely on following investigators’ tracks and placing detection idols to pinpoint their location before they manage to find the clues located on the different locations featured in the game.

White Noise 2 Release Trailer:

Classic mode brings back the simple gameplay of White Noise Online. The hunt will be more intense and the creature will have to increase its efforts in tracking down its prey. The following changes are applied:

  • Investigators: No compass, light sticks, batteries or consumible items.
  • Investigators: Increased flashlight battery.
  • Creature: No powers or compass. Teleport is still available.
  • Creature: Power stat has effect over Speed, Perception and Idols
  • Creature: Strength stat has effect over Light Resistance and Horror
  • Some traits are disabled
  • Only tapes, no special clues
  • No Artifact, the game ends when the 8th tape is found.
  • Investigators are devoured right away.

New features:

  • Classic mode, selectable when creating a Custom Game.


  • Improved visibility of DPad icons when using a controller.
  • Reduced a bit the wind sound volume on Gobekli Ruins.
  • Fixed some Shard spawns in Gobekli so the blue rivets can be seen.
  • Memorial texts are now localized.

Gameplay changes:

  • Gobekli Ruins: Reduced the number of dead ends.

The update is available now on Steam and Humble Store priced at $9.99 USD. Since the games playable across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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