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Widget Satchel releases ferret mischief

widget satchel releases ferret mischief on linux mac windows pc

Widget Satchel releases ferret mischief on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Noble Robot. We can build and explore on the space station. Available now on both Steam and with a discount.

Widget Satchel is a metroidvania lite game. Where you explore and find widgets, so you can build doohickies. And of course, cause a bunch of mischief on a space station. Which is literally the most fun you can have, as a ferret.

Gameplay also features a weight mechanic. So as you plays Widget Satchel you can complete levels quickly. While more skilled players will have to find clever ways to get around. Carrying as much as they can in their satchel.

Widget Satchel: OUT NOW

You are Sprocket, the adorable ferret who knocks things over. He also steals junk on the space station. All taking place in the far future. This is where you will escape your playpen. While making your way to the shuttle bay with as much stuff as you can.

Widget Satchel is a thrilling adventure for one little thief, with fiendish puzzles and tricky platforming. But don’t worry: You may lose some Widgets (or your socks!) along the way, but Sprocket can’t get hurt and there is no “game over.”

It’s up to you: race though Widget Satchel as fast as you can. Work you up to the highest score. Or simply grab as much ferret-y determination in order to stash away every Widget. Searching for every Trinket, and try on every pair of Socks.


  • Platforming with unique “satchel weight” mechanic.
  • Campaign with “Metroidvania-lite” pathing.
  • Dozens of secret collectables and hidden items.
  • Dynamic soundtrack of Widget Satchel. Which reacts to your status.
  • Human characters to mildly inconvenience!
  • Piles and piles of junk!

Enjoy causing mild mischief while listening to the original soundtrack. Which also dynamically reacts to your progress. It’s actually pretty cool.

Widget Satchel releases ferret mischief on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Now available on Steam and, priced at $14.99 USD. Plus a 20% launch week discount.

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