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Wild Dogs retro shooter has a native Demo

wild dogs side-scrolling shooter game will test you in the linux mac windows pc demo

Wild Dogs side-scrolling shooter game will test you in the Linux, Mac, and Windows PC Demo. Which is the result of the work and effort from developer 2ndBoss. Due to make its way onto Steam very soon.

Wild Dogs is a new game coming to Steam on April 20th. It’s about an alien attack on Earth and two specialists, Major Frank “Pumpkinhead” Williams and his dog Teddy, are called to help fight them off. Due to getting a chance to play as Major Frank and Teddy and use all sorts of weapons like guns, cars, helicopters, and even mecha suits to defeat the aliens.

But Wild Dogs is not just about fighting aliens. It’s also about helping real-life abandoned animals. The game’s creators, QUByte Interactive, are working with two animal rescue organizations, Cão Sem Dono and Amigos de São Francisco. All due to promote the adoption of abandoned animals. They will donate a percentage of the game’s sales to these organizations.

Wild Dogs | PC Trailer

In the game, Major Frank is a weapons expert and a natural pilot who speaks many languages, but he doesn’t say much. Teddy is his trusty Labrador who is great at sneaking around and being stealthy. Together, they will face off against the aliens in five different places around the world.

Wild Dogs is a 2D platformer game, which means you’ll run, jump, and fight your way through each level. You’ll also get to shoot in eight different directions, which is surprising. The bosses you’ll face in the game are really bizarre and varied. So you’ll never get bored.

One of the best parts of Wild Dogs, you can switch between different color palettes. This means Linux players can change the way the game looks and feels. And, you can even pet the dog in the game.

So, if you’re looking for a goodaction-packed side-scrolling shooter game. Be sure to Wishlist Wild Dogs on Steam. You might just want to check out the Linux Demo on Steam as well. Due to release in full on April 20th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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