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Wild Mage unique action RPG on Kickstarter

wild mage unique action rpg on kickstarter linux windows gaming

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight [official website] is an open-world action RPG coming to Linux and Windows gaming. Well at least it is if the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is successful. For those who don’t have the time for traditional MMO’s but still crave adventure.

So the action RPG is being created for small team based adventures. Since this includes airships, floating islands, dungeons, with next-gen combat. Giving players various styles of gameplay, rather than just one.

Featuring life after max level, new skills are acquired via monsters and lore. Voxel-based islands can be tunnelled and show destruction. Monsters can be also cut to pieces. Since player can destroy the environment around them too. Wielding powerful magic but also face hoards of monsters. All currently in development using Unreal Engine 4.

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight Trailer (Linux, Windows):

Developer Luna Orion on Wild Mage

“We are pushing to be in Alpha pre-release by Dec 19th of this year [2018]. And beta by 2019 with or without funding. The overall plan is to release a smaller scope then build off that. I don’t like to over promise and under deliver and as a gamer, I hate playing empty games.

Recently it seemed no one was making the games I wanted to play. I grew tired of waiting around years for a disappointing release. I feel innovation is dead in the RPG genre. And I want to breath new life into it.”

Also the Alpha and Beta will support Linux as well. Lucas McCann of Luna Orion also points out, “Linux is easy to support so anything I do will be supported.”

Since gameplay houses everything from first-person action. Flying and air ship all the way up to crafting. It’s somewhat like a GTA V but RPG gaming. Along with features of say ARK: Survival EvolvedCheck out the video, what would you compare it too?

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight Archetypes:

  • Warrior: Battle focused, using magic to equip powerful weapons and armor known as Re-Quiping.
  • Mage: Magic focused, having absolute command over the elements themselves.
  • Cleric: Healing, barriers, and support. A must-have on any mission.
  • Thief: Traps, locks, puzzles, shadows.

Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight Features:

  • Co-op
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Role Playing Game


Wild Mage – Phantom Twilight supports both Linux and Windows via Steam. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has 27 days left to hit it’s funding goal. And check out more gameplay via the official YouTube channel.

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