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Wild Mage open-world RPG back on Kickstarter

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Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight [official website] is an action/adventure open-world RPG for Windows, but could see a Linux and Mac release via Kickstarter.
While the Unreal Engine 4 game was previously unsuccessful in crowdfunding. The team is back and this time, the campaign is already well past the $10,000 USD pledge goal. While continuing to climb, currently at $28,667 USD.

Since this is all great news. The stretch goals are coming into further perspective. Last night checking the campaign, pledges were set at $15,000 USD roughly. Which seems viable. But both the Press Team and the developer Luna Orion have sights of a $70,000 USD Kickstarter on June 5 2018 10:00 PM EDT.

Particularly since the $40,000 USD Stretch Goal includes Linux and Mac support. And seeing how fast the funding is going, this actually seems reasonable.

What is Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight

Gameplay features airships, floating islands, dungeons, and dynamically destructible enemies and environments. Luna Orion studio plans to release in Early Access on Steam in Q4 2019 post-crowdfunding.

You play as a Wild Mage, acting as the right hand for the Tower of Heaven. While you extract adventures, escorting ships, delivering goods and reclaiming lost islands.

The game also features a wide variety of powerful spells acquired through adventures. Including the ability to use runes to amplify them.

“The motivation behind Wild Mage | Phantom Twilight is simply to make the game that I want to play. As a gamer, I always wondered why spellcasting cannot be more physics-based rather than particle effects. I always wanted to play a game in which monsters can be damaged dynamically rather than having everything represented by numbers and preset animations.

I always liked the idea of exploring a world made up of floating island with airships and wished more games expanded on it. As I get older, I don’t have the time to play traditional MMOs anymore. But still would like to enjoy the sense of excitement and adventure a good ARPG can bring. I know that there are a lot of people like me with a similar wishlist. And that’s why I decided to make it happen myself.” – Lucas McCann, owner, and lead developer of Luna Orion studio, creator of Wild Mage | Phantom Twilight.

Seeing almost everything is destructible in some way. Floating islands are made with voxels and can be tunnelled or destroyed. Structures such as bridges, walls, houses take damage from spells or monsters. Along with dynamic fire propagation.

Players can also mine resources and craft relics in the game. But items so powerful must be kept in the center of the islands.

Wild Mage Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux and Mac)

The Story

The story is set in the beautiful yet dangerous world of Etherion. Making up thousands of islands floating above a dense Miasma.

Rising at night and burning off during the day. The Miasma also spawns terrible creatures and is a constant menace to the people of Etherion. The only safe areas are located at the top of the islands. Recently the magic keeping the islands afloat has begun to wear off…

Open-world RPG Features

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Role Playing Game
  • Third Person Gameplay
  • Destructible Environments
  • Destructible Monsters
  • Dynamic Fire Propagation
  • Powerful Spells


So, as previously stated, the crowdfunding campaign for Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight continues to do well. While funding is escalating, that Linux and Mac stretch goal for the open-world RPG is coming into view.

Also, follow Wild Mage development via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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