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Wild Terra Online goes free to play

wild terra online goes free to play in linux mac windows games

Wild Terra Online is now free to play in Linux, Mac and Windows games. This change comes thanks to Juvty Worlds Ltd. The games also available on Steam. And playable via web browser.

Wild Terra Online is a role playing sandbox game. Taking place in a completely player controlled medieval world.
Since you do not need to complete a chain of tasks. Or go on to kill a thousand wolves to create equipment. This also makes everything more interesting.

You will have to understand the crafting systems. So you can create hardened leather and steel. You will also have to survive in a forest full of predators. Therefore this means building a shelter. Then improve your crafting skills. Create a farm, tame animals, and also explore new territories. While you fight for more treasure. So you can become anyone and do whatever you want.

Wild Terra Online Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • A universe created and controlled by players. The game does not have NPC’s and pre-built cities. So Players themselves cut down forests. As well as build roads and cities.
  • The ability to build anything, anywhere. Since there are more than 100 different buildings in Wild Terra Online. From a campfire for the night to a medieval castle. Also furnaces, smithies, mills and other industrial buildings.
  • Developed crafting system. Craft clothes and armor, tools and weapons. Develop agriculture, farming, and cookery. Skills are improved as they are used, allowing you to craft clothes/armor, tools and weapons of the highest quality.
  • Auction House. Sell ​​created gear, exchange rare equipment among other players, and participate in bidding for guild castles.
  • Exciting fights, the results of which are determined ONLY by your tactics, combat strategy, and skill level. In Wild Terra Online, increasing skills and the crafted level of equipment are minor contributors to the combat system. Competent use and knowledge of the

So now that Wild Terra Online is free to play. Check it out on Steam. There is also a browser version of the game.
Since Juvty Worlds Ltd plans to continue actively developing the game. Releasing regularly content updates. While the DLC packs are still available with a 10% discount. At least for a few more hours.

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