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Wild West Survival survival out now on Early Access

wild west survival open world survival releases on early access for windows pc then linux mac

Wild West Survival open world survival releases on Early Access for Windows PC, but Linux is coming. Thanks to recent details from developer Altair Games. The games now live on Steam.

Wild West Survival open world survival game with a huge world. So it is up to you to survive the wild west. Since you will have to devel into crafting, hunting, farming, and fishing. Not to mention both building and raiding too. When survival is feasible, prosper the wild west by building towns throughout the maps.

Of course Wild West Survival pings the attention. Therefore, reaching out to developer Altair Games, I’m surprised by the reply.

…the game was made in Unreal Engine 4. I’ll be adding more content and functionalities to the game. Including multiplayer and platform support for Linux / Mac / Mobile.


Probably within a couple of months. I have some features which have higher priority. But it will definitely be on Linux for sure.

Alright, so first off, Wild West Survival has been on my radar for a while. At first, the game engine has the look of Unity 3D. But it’s a pleasure to see Unreal Engine 4 in the mix. This will also gameplay more accomodating for multiplayer.
Linux support is due to release sometime within the year of development. This is how long the game is due to be in Early Access. But there is no time frame yet. So stay tuned.
Until that time, I can confirm that Proton support works very well. Which is similar to playing a game such as Satisfactory, but less graphically intense. But due note, the game is only singleplayer for now. And runs pretty smooth.

Wild West Survival Early Access Trailer


    • Huge Open World • Multiple Biomes • Swimmable Areas • Full Day / Night Cycle
    • Hunger and Thirst System • Harvestable Items • Hunting • Farming • Loots • Fishing
    • Modular Build Parts • Furnitures/Decorators • Non-modular Building Units
    • Crops • Livestock
    • Cowboy • Cowgirl
  • NPC
    • Civilians • Sheriffs • Bandits • Hired Guns • Wildlife
    • Archery • Melee • Range
    • Tools • Weapons • Workbenches • Buildings
    • Horse Riding System • Train
    • Buy / Sell Items
    • Shirts • Pants • Shoes • Hats • Wigs

When you kick off a new game of Wild West Survival. Players will be offered 4 choices. Rose Creek, which is more beginner and therefore a mix of different environments. Deadwood, this is a more hilly map with scattered tree. So you will have to explore for resources. Then there is Frozen Lake, where you work to survive the winter elements. Likely more challenging as you get used to game. Then there is Valcano Spring, with barren desert hills and slightly more limited resource access.

There is also a tutorial in-game. Which covers the basics to get you started. The rest and how you play is completely by choice. So be mindful and use your resource access carefully.

Wild West Survival open world survival releases on Early Access. Available now priced at priced at $15.99 USD. This is a Windows PC build. But playable on Linux via Proton. Should you want to try your luck in the wild west. IF not, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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