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Wildermyth releases the storytelling RPG

wildermyth releases the storytelling rpg with support in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Wildermyth releases the storytelling RPG with support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Worldwalker Games. Which is available on Steam along with 96% Very Positive reviews.

Worldwalker Games, an indie developer with a big studio pedigree based in Austin, TX. Their renowned storytelling RPG Wildermyth releases on Steam. The game has been in Steam Early Access since November 2019. Also coming in with “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating with over 96% of players recommending the game. New content releases with a brand new story. The option to play fully procedural campaigns, new Ability Upgrades, and more.

Wildermyth Launch Trailer

Wildermyth releases the party based procedural storytelling RPG. Where tactical combat and story decisions will alter your world. And as a result, reshape your cast of characters. The game follows heroes over their whole careers. Since this stems from their pitchfork days to their powerful primes. And well on into old age and memory. Victory (or death, whichever comes first) isn’t the end. Heroes go into the player’s “Legacy,” and can show up in future gameplay. Over the course of several stories, Wildermyth Legacy heroes grow into larger than life myths.

Features include:

  • Procedural story: Player choices affects the story. This also includes the characters and the game world
  • Unique magic system: Mystic characters in Wildermyth can “interfuse” with objects from the setting. Due to offer a unique take on combat
  • Varied story campaigns: Play through one of five crafted stories. The game release with a fully procedural campaign to keep it fresh
  • Play solo or with friends: Wildermyth releases with support for Steam multiplayer. Meaning players can play at their own pace or bring in friends to complete the party
  • Strategic turn based tactical combat: Inspired by games like X-Com, combat in Wildermyth requires strategy and….

Wildermyth releases “secret sauce” in its procedural story. Since player choices affect the story, the characters, and the game world. As a result, players don’t just create characters, they grow them. Then guide them through the ups and downs of life. With its papercraft art style, strategic turn based tactical combat, and offbeat humor. This is a completely unique style of gameplay that is unlike most others.

Wildermyth releases the storytelling RPG on Steam with a 20% discount until June 22nd. This also drops the price down to $19.99 USD from the regular $24.99 USD. Along with support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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