Will AMD run out on SteamOS and Linux?

AMD and mantle support on SteamOS and Linux

The success of the SteamOS Linux distribution is #revealing that AMD is going to get a kicking in the future and it just cannot see it.

For a decade it would have been fair enough for a consumer chipmaker to ignore Linux. All those who said <insert this year> will be the year of Linux on the desktop were usually greeted with much mockery.

While 2014 is not the year that Linux will take control of the desktop either, the writing is appearing on the wall and it is silly for AMD to ignore it.

SteamOS users are suffering from a lack of proper AMD driver support and it is taking ages for anyone to get games on the OS running.

Valve used Nvidia and Intel hardware, with the promise that support will arrive later, however no one seems to be in a rush.

Support for Linux is in parts and there is no reasonable OpenGL support. Moreover AMD is unwilling to expand the drivers.

Nvidia is doing well at working with game developers and Valve and is even bringing in new features like overclocking. AMD drivers just fix some problems with the software.

So why is AMD providing rubbish support for those who snub Windows? By refusing to see how things are going with Valve, they are ignoring the way that the industry is headed and in the long term it is going to suffer for its mistake.

Users who want to get the most out of their Steam box will buy an Nvidia and Intel combo, not because they want to, but because AMD will have such a bad reputation.

What is important to realise here is that gamers have been AMD’s bread and butter for a while. The fact they want to change their operating system should make no difference to the chipmaker, but the fact is that it does.

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From Linux Game News:

This is so very true, we have seen very little in the way of progress regarding Crossfire, Mantle, and Linux. It’s been labelled as “on the table” but we have no ETA nor do we see any Steam Machines really touting the AMD option.

Even more interesting is the lack of interest from the Radeon card manufacture when it comes to performance metrics.  We would expect to see something more applicable at this point with all the new releases and relavent graphics capabilities. The same goes with OpenGL, that’s a hot topic right now when it comes to SteamOS and Linux in general, nothing significant from AMD.

We will keep you posted as soon as we have more details. And if you find posts, details, or further information regarding Linux support from AMD, email us.


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