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Will To Live MMORPG shooter native support?

will to live mmorpg shooter linux support

Will To Live is the first person MMORPG shooter with survival elements for Windows on Steam, but what about Linux?
So we reached out to developer AlphaSoft, since the game engine of choice us Unreal Engine 4. Which you can probably imagine given the quality of the games graphics.

Linux Support:

“Yes, we use Unreal Engine for development, but we don’t have any plans to make a port for Linux.
Early Access release planned at Q1 2018, in other words, it should be happen very soon.”

So English is not the first language of choice here. But this does solidify some details. While sad that no Linux port is planned. Which means a surprisingly great looking MMORPG shooter, but on Windows. Or for the adventurous few, having to use Wine or PlayOnLinux.

Will To Live Online Gameplay for the MMORPG shooter (Windows, not Linux)

Action comes in wastelands of post apocalyptic world. So you have live and survive though radiation and mutants. Also the most hazardous enemies, people who are against you.

Go into a combat for one of factions within the remains of a dystopian society. While exploring the world and its history.
Including a wide range of weapons and detailed role-playing system. Since you will have to battle other players. Similar to the Day-Z and seem to be similar to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Will To Live Features:

  • MMORPG game in post apocalyptic world
  • Sophisticated world history – unriddle the world destruction, investigate all the enigmas and come up with new marvelous findings
  • Large and open world, full of mutants and anomalous radiating zones
  • “Dungeons” – in literal sense – mines and bunkers of all kinds and underground metro stations.
  • Raid monsters
  • Fierce confrontation of fractions and clans
  • Role-playing model: play for class, close to you in gameplay. Each class has its own outfit and equipment
  • Realistic ballistic weapon models. Weapons upgrades, improving crafts for armor and equipment

Will To Live is coming to Steam Q1 2018. No specified release date is available yet. Which could make an epic release. Definitely a game worth keeping an eye on. Since this is pre-Early Access, the lack of Linux support

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