Will Microsoft develop a sequel – Minecraft 2?

#Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested last week that the company has no plans for a Minecraft sequel.

When Microsoft #announced its purchase of Minecraft, fans worried it might ruin their beloved game. However, the company has been careful about saying how much it wants to support the game and not make any radical #changes.

On the IGN Podcast, Spencer said that maybe ‘Minecraft 2‘ isn’t “the thing that makes the most sense” for the game. He sounded much more in favor of continuing support for the current game, which has been hugely successful by regularly updating itself free for anyone who’s bought the game.

A new version might upset the huge community, and there are other directions Microsoft could take with the franchise, like movies or TV series. For now, however, Spencer says that Microsoft‘s responsibility is to meet the desires of the Minecraft community before doing anything else.

One thing Microsoft is looking at is how to bring all the different versions of Minecraft (Linux, OS X, Windows, Java, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360/One, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation 3/4/Vita) together. The original desktop versions have things like access to mods and different servers, which console players do not. This could be improved.

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