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Windmill Kings port will depend on sales

windmill kings port will depend on sales for linux windows pc

Windmill Kings action strategy is coming for Windows PC, but the Linux port will depend on sales. According to developer Bigosaur. Who is already known for native games. Due to release soon on Steam.

Windmill Kings the casual action strategy is due to release January 30th. Which will come with quick combat and tactics. All thanks to the creative efforts of Bigosaur. Who you may know from games like Rogue Bit, Quest for the Golden Duck and Son of a Witch. The latter being one of my favourites.

Windmill Kings is the latest upcoming releases. Having received quite of bit of content for the game. And a hype seeing this is a fun and challenging strategy game. Demanding you to rally your troops. While you reclaim your kingdom from the evil black wizard. Who also installed a clone in your place. Originally releasing on the Nintendo Switch in November 2019. So naturally the launch of the game on Steam is no surprise. Which also prompted interest in Linux support. Since the Steam page only shows that Windows PC support. WTH!!

A Linux port:

It depends on the Steam sales. Son of a Witch and Rogue Bit sold pretty good. So it made sense, but Windmill Kings is a smaller game. So I don’t expect too much.

Linux installs are around single digit percentage. So if the game only sells a couple hundred copies on Steam. Which would be quite possible, judging by the current wishlist count. That would mean only about of dozen Linux installs. Which isn’t really worth the effort. If it does sell a couple of thousands of copies. Then the Linux port will be feasible.

Since Windmill Kings is only using SDL2. This should “work with Proton without any problems.” This could also be “one more reason not to port.” At least according to Bigosaur. But since this depends on community demand and Wishlist support. Not to mention the sales factor. We could end up subject to just Proton support.

Windmill Kings – Steam launch trailer

Therefore, Windmill Kings offers a compelling real time strategy gameplay. Suitable for players of all ages and experience levels. The game also takes place in a wonderful setting. You know, with a cloud of disaster looming.

Once upon a time, there was a king – you. But after a glitched teleport spell there was not only one, but two kings. And now you have been betrayed. Your task is to help reclaim your castle and kingdom.

Windmill Kings has a great list of cool features. You can play a singleplayer game in story-mode. Or take part in the two-player versus mode that really excels. Here is where you construct buildings. Then explore the kingdom and obtain powerful magic spells from wizards. While the Windmills you control are the foundation for precious gold required to succeed. And the balanced combat mechanics allow for a range of tactics. Support and upgrade your forces. As you wipe out your friends, family and relatives. All customized for split screen multiplayer battles from skirmish to all out war.


  • Real-Time, Fast-Paced Strategy
  • Meet & Recruit Allies
  • Construct Buildings To Recruit Troops
  • 8 Unique Units, Each With special Abilities
  • Powerful Spells & Magic
  • Advanced, yet transparent AI
  • 3 Unique Difficulty Modes

Windmill Kings is due to release on January 30th. Coming to Windows PC, but with enough Wishlist support, Linux too.