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Windows 8: Valve continue their crusade against the OS, Serious Sam dev joins in

Windows 8: Valve continue their crusade against the OS, Serious Sam dev joins in

Windows 8 released just last week (or so), but the complaints against it from software developers have been going for a long time. Valve Overfiend Gabe Newell described it as “a catastrophe”, and Blizzard joined in saying it was “not awesome” for them either.

Today even more Windows 8-hate has been unleashed, with Valve’s engineer Drew Bliss using a speech at the Ubuntu Summit in Copenhagen to claim that Linux is a better, more open platform than Windows 8. “If you look at the way the world is going, where you see Apple completely in control of their system, and at least part of Windows 8 entirely controlled by the Microsoft App Store, Steam is going to be a little bit harder to do – both in the store aspect and in the content delivery aspect,” said Drew.

“We want to continue developing in open platforms and so we’re looking around, and obviously Linux has become a very viable alternate platform. So we are now looking into doing Steam for Linux and supporting as many of our Steam games for Linux as we can.”

Meanwhile, Serious Sam 3 developer Alen Ladavac from Croteam has taken to the Steam forums to blast Windows 8′s certification and restrictions as “horrible” and the whole OS as “a walled garden”.

“Gabe Newel did not overreact,” said Ladavac. “What you don’t see here is that, under the hood, the new tiled UI is a means for Microsoft to lock Windows applications into a walled garden, much like the one on iOS. There is this ‘small detail’ that Microsoft is not advertising anywhere, but you can find it dug deep in the developer documentation: One cannot release a tiled UI application by any other means, but only through Windows Store!”

Ladavac continued: “Each app that you will get through the Windows Store will have to adhere to certain requirements imposed by MS. So far, we know that they’ve banned mature games, like Skyrim, CoD, and Serious Sam. They have forbidden modding. They could very well forbid Open Source if they want. (…) It is a vicious circle. And not an accidental one. This one was carefully designed to be that way. I say: no thank you, I’ll skip on that one.”

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